CSA Terms & Conditions

Paper Kite Farm's Terms and Conditions Form (Farmer + Member Agreement)

Please read all criteria carefully if you are purchasing a CSA Membership. By agreeing to this form you have agreed to all the policies outlined by the farmers. When you finish reading it and if you agree with all terms, hit the back button to proceed to checkout. 

CSA Memberships

I understand and agree that there are no refunds available for our CSA memberships - all sales are final.

I understand and agree that if I miss my basket, my produce will be donated and no refund will be issued. Delivery dates can not be switched.

I understand and agree that if I know I'm going to be away my only two options for making up that basket are arranging for a friend/family member to pick up my cooler and storing it until I get back, or doubling my basket on the next scheduled basket day. 

I understand and agree to have my vegetable box ready for return each time I pick up my new vegetable box, cleaned and free from debris.

I understand and agree that it is up to me to put my produce away in a timely manner. If veggies are left out all day and wilt (or freeze), it is not the responsibility of the farmer and no refunds will be issued.

I understand and agree that when I purchase a CSA Membership I am making a commitment to remember my delivery day. 

I understand that my farmers are working in a time when climate is changing, can be unpredictable, and therefore the availability of the produce is 100% dependent on weather. If there is a crop failure(s) I understand that my basket(s) may be lighter or in extreme cases, may not be able to happen. We the farmers will reserve the right to adjust the box should the weather be uncooperative.