How We Farm

Our approach is deeply rooted in the health of our soil. We understand that the vitality of our crops and the sustainability of our farming practices hinge on the well-being of the soil. We even like to say that we're soil farmers.  

Natural Fertility
Our farm operates on the principle of natural fertility. We avoid synthetic fertilizers, instead relying on the inherent richness of our soil and the natural cycles of our ecosystem. This approach ensures that the nutrients in our crops are balanced and derived from a healthy, living soil.

Biochar and Compost
Biochar and compost are vital elements in our soil health strategy. We create biochar from the trimmings of on-farm brush, turning waste into a resource that enhances soil fertility and structure. This biochar helps in retaining moisture and nutrients, providing a hospitable environment for beneficial soil microbes.

Our compost is crafted from organic waste produced on the farm, particularly from animal bedding. This composting process transforms farm waste into a nutrient-rich amendment, further enriching our soil. By returning these materials to the earth, we complete a natural cycle of growth, decay, and rejuvenation.

We also practice no-till farming, a method that preserves the soil structure, prevents erosion, and maintains the carbon content of the soil. By not disturbing the soil through tilling, we protect the delicate soil ecosystem, allowing worms and microbes to thrive, which in turn supports plant health and growth.

The Results: Carbon Sequestration and Nutrition
While our primary focus is on soil health, an important result of our practices is carbon sequestration. By enriching the soil and maintaining its integrity, we naturally capture and store carbon, playing our part in mitigating climate change. Furthermore, healthy soil leads to more nutritious produce, packed with essential vitamins and minerals, reflecting the vitality of the land.

At Paper Kite Farm, soil health is not just a component of our farming practice; it's the foundation. Through natural fertility, biochar and compost use, and no-till farming, we ensure that our soil is alive, nourished, and capable of sustaining not only our crops but also the larger ecosystem. Our farming methods are a testament to our commitment to a healthier planet and a more sustainable future in agriculture.